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How to save money and enjoy October:

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

When you think of October you think of Halloween and preparing for the Winter, but did you know there are plenty of ways to save in the month of October? Well we did, and we want to share some of those with you!

1. Shop Locally

Pears, berries mushrooms and broccoli are all in season, so head on out to your local farms market to capitalize on these goods, before its too late! Want some pumpkin seeds but hate buying them from the store? Well you can get pumpkins at the farmers market too, and then make your own seeds.

2. Get outside

Save money and have fun by going for nature walks, barbecuing or going for a bike ride. You’ll want to get outside before it’s too late, and winter keeps us all inside.

3. Start planning (Vacations and Gifts)

Christmas and Thanksgiving vacations are the most expensive when you wait to buy. However, hotels (just like gifts) are cheaper the earlier you buy them. Start planning and putting money aside to make sure you’re ready for the holidays.

4. Halloween

There are many ways to save during Halloween. Some of the best options are buying candy in bulk, going thrift shopping for your costumes and making your own decorations.

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